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In collaboration with Little Bakers Lab, we are excited to celebrate this National Day  by presenting to you the Traditional Ang Ku Kueh Making Workshop. Join us to make this a memorable event!

Rich & aromatic Kueh coffee flavor, a fusion of traditional and contemporary tastes.

Experience the delightful collaboration between Kueh Ho Jiak and Pokka Coffee with the introduction of the Pokka Coffee Mochi Sesame Ang Ku Kueh, a fusion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Inspired By Our Tradition

Share the love with your loved ones.

#OurHeartForSG (Together A Stronger Singapore)

Share the love with your loved ones.

Inspired By Our Tradition

President Award of the Environment 2019

Grab your Chinese New Year Handmade Goodies!

It’s the time of the year again when families spend time together and celebrate Chinese New Year!

KHJ X Little Bakers

Dm us to enquire more on our upcoming fun and kuehzzzy workshops!

How It All Began

A Mother Daughter Journey

Join us and witness the journey of how the mother-daughter duo, Sandy Tan (mother) and Elizabeth Chan (daughter), transform and modernise the age old traditional kueh making business and come to where it is today – a home-grown brand favoured by many local celebrities and famous personalities.

Sandy comes from a family which has dealt with food business for the longest time. She inherited the culinary skills for many different types of local cuisine but it was Nonya kueh, a sweet local snack that piqued her interest most and she has since developed a burning passion for it.

Recognising that the kueh making industry is a tired trade and rapidly losing favours with the younger generation, Elizabeth, who has years of experience in the field of marketing, knew the formula to appeal to the young without losing the support from the older customers was to upgrade the “instagrammable” factor of her kueh and to ensure only fresh natural ingredients goes into her kueh. Elizabeth quit her marketing job and joined her mum, Sandy, in the journey of sharing the love of kueh with others.  Hence Kueh Ho Jiak is born.

Hand Made With Love

Our Delicious Nanyang Delicacies

At Kueh Ho Jiak, we make our kueh as visually appealing as it is delightful to the taste. While most kueh makers use the “tortoise” mold exclusively for Ang Ku Kueh, we up the fun level by using cute and less common mold designs like teddy bear, koi fish and flower, etc. Each kueh bears our signature bright palette, consisting of a mixture of purple, orange and green. We take quality very seriously. As brand promise to our customers, each kueh is hand-crafted exquisitely and freshly made every day with only natural ingredients.

Bringing You Healthier, Tastier Food &
More Colours To Your Life

Season everything with Love.
All our Signature Ang Ku Kuehs does not contain artificial colouring or preservatives and is all handmade.
Less sweet and less salty.


Events and Baking Tips

Kueh Ho Jiak: Featured by Class 95 Live

Kueh Ho Jiak: Featured by Class 95 Live

We are featured in Class 95! Once again, thank you Class 95 for the feature and for sharing our hot topic on the importance of preserving our local heritage.   Why we are Doing This Ever since the hotly debated topic of Singapore losing its local heritage, we...

While Stocks Last: Taste of our National Day Kueh

While Stocks Last: Taste of our National Day Kueh

Happy National Day! What better way to celebrate our country's 58th birthday than having your very own limited edition red and white Ang Ku Kueh design to commemorate this festive occasion? Here's what you need to know about our Limited Edition Kueh Kueh Ho Jiak...

Perfect Fusion of Flavors with Pokka Coffee Mochi Sesame Ang Ku Kueh

Perfect Fusion of Flavors with Pokka Coffee Mochi Sesame Ang Ku Kueh

We have exciting news to tell you! Kueh Ho Jiak and Pokka have recently formed a collaboration! The Perfect Fusion of Mochi and Ang Ku Kueh Mochi Ang Ku Kueh is a delightful fusion of two beloved Asian desserts – mochi, the soft and chewy Japanese delight, and Ang Ku...

What Makes Ang Ku Kueh Special in Singapore

What Makes Ang Ku Kueh Special in Singapore

I’m sure you have eaten kueh before as a kid, right? More specifically, Ang Ku Kueh. With Singapore becoming a fast face society, we often forget to enjoy the little things in life, these tasty treats! Don’t forget your roots! Ang Ku Kueh holds a special place in the...

How Kueh Ho Jiak Revolutionizes the Way We Eat Kueh in Singapore

How Kueh Ho Jiak Revolutionizes the Way We Eat Kueh in Singapore

Singapore is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, with a multitude of delicious local delicacies. Among these delights, kueh holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans.  Traditionally handmade and time-consuming to prepare, kueh has been an integral part...

Kueh Ho Jiak Partea Collaboration

Support SG Unesco Hawkers (A collaboration Kueh Ho Jiak With Partea) 2 Bottles of Peach Tea or Milk Tea 6 pieces Mixed Kueh of Strawberry  Puteri & Heart Lapis Total: $27.00 For you and your family to share and spend time together with a lovely High Tea Set Ends...

Humble Featured In

We have been humbly featured in some of the best food blogger and articles in Singapore.

Preserving heritage,
one kueh at a time











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